Feb. 26th, 2010

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Well, I just had my first dream (partially) in Flemish. That I can remember, anyway.

It even sort of made sense, though I'm pretty sure at least part of it was my brain screwing with me. I was going to lunch at a little outdoor cafe with [livejournal.com profile] enochsmiles' advisor Bart; we sat down and joined another man and woman about Bart's age. We started eating the salad, which had a lot of shredded orange vegetables in it; Bart held some up on his fork and asked "Wat zijn deze?" (What are these?) I replied, "Ik denk dat die zijn wortels." (I think those are carrots.) The other man said, "Nee, die zijn uitbroccoli." (No, those are 'uitbroccoli'.)

As far as I know, 'uitbroccoli' is not a word. 'Uit' is a pretty multipurpose word -- it can be an adverb or a preposition, and also appears in words like 'uitgezonderd', which means 'except' but as far as I can tell has an idiomatic meaning. So I have no idea what my brain thinks 'uitbroccoli' would be.

The rest of the dream was in English, and involved a bicycle race that was partially scored on how many balloons along the course you could pop with a dart gun, and eyedrops that made it possible to fly.


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