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[personal profile] maradydd: We got Sasha snipped before he started spraying anything, but it took a while for him to stop trying to rape everything smaller than him.

[ profile] mycroftxxx: Poor Mac Mini.
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(SCENE: the couch. SASHA, the cat, is asleep across my forearms while I code.)

([ profile] maradydd frees an arm from under the cat and pops open a can of Red Bull.)
RED BULL CAN: *crrrack*
SASHA: Mrap!
(SASHA wakes up and starts nosing at the can, with intent.)
[ profile] maradydd: Sasha. You're a cat. Cats don't need caffeine.
SASHA, attempting to bite the bottom of the can: Ack mrack.
[ profile] maradydd: No. You don't get Red Bull because you don't have opposable thumbs to open the can with.
SASHA: Hrrrf. *gives up and lies down again*
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[ profile] enochsmiles discovered that our herb garden has been infested by aphids. The spearmint and the chocolate mint were looking pretty faint, so he suggested we get some ladybugs to address the aphid problem.

One trip to OSH and $6.99 later, we had a tub full of ladybugs, which we released into the garden last night. (The checkout lady forgot to charge us for them the first time around; she looked at [ profile] enochsmiles really weird when he mentioned that we had an aphid infestation, and didn't ring them up. When I mentioned that she had forgotten to add them to the bill, she said, "You got these here?") This morning when I went to check on the garden, the ladybugs are still merrily clustered all over the plants, chasing down aphids and having lots and lots of ladybug sex. Better yet, the mints look much happier already.


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