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The source of the "Collateral Murder" video, which caused a great deal of grief for the U.S. military earlier this year, has been leaked -- by none other than former "homeless hacker" turned wannabe-reporter and government stooge, Adrian Lamo.

Hey, Lamo, hope you enjoyed your stint with the Fourth Estate. The internet can debate whether you've violated journalistic ethics till it's blue in the face, but I look at it from a pragmatic perspective: do you really think any source with an even potentially controversial story is ever going to trust a known snitch?

It takes a pretty special kind of stupid to deep-six yourself out of two completely different career fields in a mere seven years. Meanwhile, [ profile] enochsmiles is sitting back and saying "I told you so."
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Google Analytics does some pretty cool stuff, but has one major drawback for mobile web application developers: it's Javascript-based, meaning that hits from mobile devices that don't speak Javascript silently go untracked. Recently, the Analytics team released some code that does server-side tracking; the linked ZIP file contains source and examples in ASP, JSP, PHP and Perl. Why not Python, you might wonder? I wondered too, particularly since an AppEngine project I'm working on is at least somewhat intended for phones (hey, you never know when you might be away from your desk but really want to know if a certain BioBrick exists), so I did a little poking around to see if it was possible to instrument an AppEngine application using server-side Mobile Analytics.

The short answer is no. )
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Moths got into my knitting box and ate everything.

All my handmade socks, all my handmade gloves (minus the chording glove), the lace shawl I was making for my mom -- all of it, gone. (I suspect that for a knitter there is not much more horrifying than picking up a piece made from 2-ply yarn and watching it disintegrate in your hands.)

The only pieces of my own knitting left intact are my winter hat, which was in the pocket of my winter coat, and the baby alpaca slipper-socks I knitted for [ profile] enochsmiles, which he takes with him whenever he travels. The first thing I ever knitted -- a chunky Dr. Who-style scarf that I made under the tutelage of [ profile] meowmeowcatchow -- might have survived, as it wasn't in the box and I haven't found it yet, but I have a bad feeling about this.

Nothing to do but start over, I guess.
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... and I'm just too much of an idiot to see it, so maybe one of you smart people can help me.

I'm writing a parser for a context-sensitive grammar in Haskell (for a language that I didn't design). At the moment I'm using Happy but I'm completely open to using parsec, uuagc, whatever will get the job done. Here's my problem:

In which Meredith loses at Haskell )
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"I wonder if these fucktard gun-huggers realize the moment they show up at a Presidential event with an AK-47, they're put on a watch list."

Oh, so you're just another 1984-style fascist. Right, don't need any more of those in my life than I had two days ago. Unfollowed, and good riddance. I have other sources for link aggregation that are much kinder to my blood pressure.
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I had managed to run myself out of the petri dishes I'd gotten from AS&S lo these couple of years ago, so I hit up ebay to restock. Found a great price on 60mm x 15mm pre-sterilized plates in packs of 20, so I bought five of them.

Except ... I completely spaced on how small 60mm is. Ergo, I am now the owner of the most adorable little petri dishes ever. They are ever so slightly larger around than the bottom of a Red Bull can. [ profile] whimsywanderer snickered when she saw them. I feel compelled to reassure them that size doesn't matter, we are doing science here.

In the long run I think this will actually be a good thing, as in the very near future I am going to need to use, uh, just about all of them in rather large batches -- possibly 60 at a time -- and there's really no way I could fit 60 full-size plates in my teensy little incubator. It will also mean using up fewer consumables, which is in general a good thing for the budget-conscious citizen scientist.

Science Cat Sasha is, as usual, fascinated with the new arrivals. If he bites holes in the sterile packaging I will be very cranky.

I also snagged the economy size package of graduated 3mL disposable transfer pipettes. With 500 of them, I don't think I will be running out any time soon.


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