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Two antennas got married.

The ceremony was nothing to write home about, but the reception was outstanding.
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Brought to you by the same guy who did the literal music video version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart", here's the same treatment of David Hasselhoff's "Hooked On a Feeling." Give it some love -- this one's just as brilliant.

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A programmer is sent to the grocery store with instructions to "buy butter and see if they have eggs. If they do, buy ten."

Returning with ten butters, the programmer says, "They had eggs."
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michiexile: Emma is a handgun, btw?
maradydd: Yep, my .40 caliber Sig Sauer P226.
michiexile: /me is SO tempted to ask whether there are also Sig Süss, Sig Salzig, Sig Bitter and Sig Umami.
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The Birther Song cracked me right up. (Not actually a song, unless someone wants to put some music to it, but someone totally should.) Props to the poet for such Ogden Nash-ian rhymes.
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By way of danah boyd, Kate Miller-Heidke takes on 21st-century communications to hilarious effect. (Warning: shaky camera.)

Thing #427 to appreciate about my life: the exes who've found me on LJ or Facebook are all people who had the good sense and common courtesy to re-establish friendly terms before hitting the "friend" button, and who are totally worth staying in touch with. (And thing #428: the exes who know there's not a chance in hell of that have had the good sense not to even try.)
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An article about a recent phenomenon.

A video about it:

I saw the video before I read the article (hat tip to [ profile] anaisdjuna), and thought "wow, this has to be a parody or something." Then I googled the title to look up some more information on the artist (uh ... it made sense to me at the time), and I found the article linked above.

I would never have guessed. The article is written in a serious journalistic style and appears to be well-researched; the video is comedic to say the least. A cultural trend being promoted through humour, perhaps?
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[ profile] kragen versus typos. [ profile] kragen wins.


Jun. 2nd, 2009 12:43 pm
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By way of Jeff Atwood at CodingHorror, the literal music video version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart".

I'm not sure which makes less sense, the original or this one.
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Things Meredith Is Not Allowed To Do As A Startup CTO
  1. "1. Collect underpants. 2. ??? 3. Profit!" are bad choices for the sub-headers for the "Summary Roadmap" in my 10-slide investor presentation.
  2. Not allowed to use cat macros in slides.
  3. If I punch people in the face, whether they deserved it or not, we will not get VC.
  4. Not allowed to name the accessor method for a GUI widget's parent object .whosYourDaddy().
    • Even if it isn't exposed in the API.
More to follow.
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My advisor would have me shot if he knew I took out a couple of hours to do this, but I'm vaguely proud of it anyway.
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(and a reference to my gmail address, at that.)

Meredith L. Patterson
Modifies genomes
For profit and fun;

What are the goals of her
Hobbies? Creating an
Army of One.
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Weber: (6:36pm) Actually, here's a lesson on presuppositions. The phrase "her BDSM porn" carries the presupposition that she *has* BDSM porn. You can't interpret the phrase if the presupposition isn't true. It's distinct from normal assertions in that it survives if you put a negation or question around it; e.g. "I don't like her BDSM porn", or "Do you think her BDSM porn is any good?"
SETTING: My office, after the Language and Society final. LEAH and MEREDITH are doing a Mad Lib to unwind.

LEAH: Give me a noun.
MEREDITH: Consonant.
LEAH: A celebrity.
MEREDITH: Chomsky.
LEAH: Okay, a food.
LEAH: A liquid?

* "Beans, I like" is a commonly used example of topicalisation. At least it is here.
** /l/ and /r/ are classed as "liquid" consonants.


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