Feb. 3rd, 2010 01:07 pm
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This is how allergic I am to my sister's cat Italics:

I look like I've been punched in the face. My sclera is yellow and hanging out of my eye. Apparently the shape of my eye has changed, as what little distance vision I had is gone and I can only kind of see close up. This is fascinating.

Antihistamines GET!
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Also, never eating that much kettle corn at one sitting ever again. There is a kettle corn bezoar in my belly and it is not a pleasant guest.
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I have no idea what the fuck kind of microorganisms decided to go on a multi-day bender in my digestive tract and lymphatic system, but I really, really hope that never happens again. (And I suspect [ profile] enochsmiles will be happy if he never has to listen to me whimpering incoherently for two days in a row ever again, either.)

Time to go find out whether my body believes in the concept of "food" again yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
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I live and die by Maxalt, otherwise known as rizatriptan, which is an ergotamine-derived prescription medication which stops migraines in their tracks. It's related to Imitrex and Relpax, neither of which work terribly well for me; Imitrex seems to lower my (already fairly low) blood pressure and makes me dizzy and lightheaded, and Relpax makes me see trails. Both of them kill migraines, but they both leave me less-than-competent; Maxalt kills the migraine without doing anything else to incapacitate me, which makes it a Total Win.

In the US, I take it in tablet form. In Belgium, it's only sold in quick-dissolving tablet form, and the quick-dissolving tablet contains aspartame.

Irony: Aspartame is a guaranteed migraine trigger for me. The amount of aspartame in a single piece of sugarfree chewing gum is enough to have me hiding under a black duvet with the curtains drawn, moaning that there's still too much light.

I am, however, happy to report that in a duel between the amount of rizatriptan and the amount of aspartame in one quick-dissolving tablet, the rizatriptan won.

I wonder whether there's a "scissors" in that equation.


Sep. 12th, 2008 04:33 am
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I haven't had an ear infection since grade school. Judging by the unpleasant sucking and clicking sounds my left ear is making, I seem to have one now. Either that, or there's a lamprey in my ear.
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Tuesday night: sat down in a chair on a somewhat slippery patio without looking back to confirm that the chair was actually there. Chair was not there after all. Lost balance, fell into brick windowsill, scraped hell out of right shoulderblade. (Happily, did not rip shirt.) Back muscles now all knotted and achy.

Wednesday night: was carving a piece of Mexican kingwood with my brand-new set of chisels, wood rotated unexpectedly in my hand, chisel slipped. Carved inch-long gash into the base of my left thumb. Did not sever anything important, and bleeding stopped after less than five minutes of direct pressure. Was able to see the underside of my own skin, which is pretty neat-looking; did not, alas, take photos. About then, the burgers came off the grill, so I ate dinner with my left hand on top of my head and then went to the emergency clinic about ten minutes before it closed. Three stitches. Left hand now sore and a bit itchy.

Today: slept a lot.

I'll be in Houston through Saturday afternoon if anyone still wants to get together or anything. Dallas, alas, is probably not happening. Sorry guys. :(


Jul. 11th, 2008 07:23 am
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Dear body,

Mere hours before I am supposed to be on a plane to Amsterdam was so not the right time for me to break out in GIANT FREAKING HIVES. Eeuww. Don't do that, it scares my housemate.

I guess those weren't mosquito bites yesterday after all. +1 apartment not infested with mosquitos, minus several million for inconvenience and utter lack of explanation.

On the plus side, Benadryl will definitely help with sleep on the ten-hour flight...


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