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I owe the Berlin trip a proper writeup, but some highlights: talk went extremely well, saw many old friends and acquaintances, came up with yet another paper we need to write with Dan Kaminsky, had some interesting discussions about a computer science curriculum that emphasizes security from the get-go, narrowed down the scope of some tools I need to write in the very near future in such a way that I can put together a proper spec now, got invited to give our talk or something very much like it again at Dartmouth. [ profile] enochsmiles and I co-present extremely well, which bodes well for future joint presentations (which I enjoy better than solo presentations, when they go well at least).

We also sort of got stuck in Berlin after seeing [ profile] foxgrrl off at TXL, as it turns out that trains from Berlin to Leuven are not to be had after about 2 pm; the farthest west we could have gotten was Liège. A glance at a rail map suggested a wild possibility: Saarbrücken, so on a wild shot I called [ profile] oralelk's office and got him on the first ring. Despite not having had much contact at all over the last, um, five years (bad Meredith, no cookie!) he was still quite happy to have us crash on his couch for the night, even coming out to meet us at 11:30 at night, staying up to chat, and putting off going in to work until well past 11 am despite having quite a lot of work to do. It was rapidly discovered that Saarbrücken is one of the least convenient places in Germany to get to Belgium from; our options were basically the ICE high-speed train to Paris and the Thalys to Brussels, or a bus to Luxembourg and two trains for roughly a quarter the price. Thus I have now been to Luxembourg, making that eight countries so far this year.

I have also just received notification that our Black Hat talk has been accepted. Thus, I will be both there and at the Open Science Summit in Berkeley immediately thereafter, July 29-31. (Current plan is to arrive in CA on the 30th.) Unfortunately, this will mean missing DEFCON, for me at least; I'm not sure about [ profile] enochsmiles.

It is going to be a wild summer, with tools to write and a journal article to finish and a couple of big chewy proofs to prove on top of all my normal work. But I'm excited!
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Horse-chestnut flowers from the trees near school, an early birthday present from [ profile] enochsmiles.
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(SCENE: our bedroom, this morning)
[ profile] maradydd: Sweetie, it's time to get up. You've got a doctor's appointment this morning.
[ profile] enochsmiles, not opening eyes: Can't the doctor come here?
[ profile] maradydd, suppressing giggles: No, sweetie, he doesn't do that. It's time to drink a Red Bull.
[ profile] enochsmiles, still not opening eyes: Can't the doctor drink a Red Bull?
[ profile] maradydd: No, baby. C'mon, open your eyes...
[ profile] enochsmiles: Will we play chess?
[ profile] maradydd: While wearing cheese pants?
[ profile] enochsmiles: You have cheese?
(at this point I picked him up bodily, and he woke up)
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[ profile] enochsmiles: Odin and Bounce are getting old. We should get a kitten soon so that Bounce can teach it how to be a sweet kitty.
[ profile] maradydd: We could do that.
[ profile] enochsmiles: Where would we look to find a kitten?
[ profile] maradydd: People give them away on Craigslist a lot.
[ profile] enochsmiles: *opens a new tab to craigslist* What should I search for? *enters "kittttttttties!" in search pane*
[ profile] maradydd: *dies*
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I have discovered that [ profile] enochsmiles not only talks but in fact sings in his sleep. He's been going on for about fifteen minutes now; most of the speech, and all of the singing, is fairly muttery and incoherent, but audible phrases have included "Very green," "I can't follow you," "You can't multiply those," and "I don't have the butter." He rambles for a while, shuts up for about a minute, and then he's at it again.

I just woke him up to share this discovery with him, and now I am going to try to get to sleep faster than he does. If not, I hope I can remember where I put those disposable earplugs.
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[ profile] enochsmiles discovered that our herb garden has been infested by aphids. The spearmint and the chocolate mint were looking pretty faint, so he suggested we get some ladybugs to address the aphid problem.

One trip to OSH and $6.99 later, we had a tub full of ladybugs, which we released into the garden last night. (The checkout lady forgot to charge us for them the first time around; she looked at [ profile] enochsmiles really weird when he mentioned that we had an aphid infestation, and didn't ring them up. When I mentioned that she had forgotten to add them to the bill, she said, "You got these here?") This morning when I went to check on the garden, the ladybugs are still merrily clustered all over the plants, chasing down aphids and having lots and lots of ladybug sex. Better yet, the mints look much happier already.
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Good shit: I picked up a set of ramps and a torque wrench yesterday, so that I could change my transmission fluid and filter. (Saturns have an easily-accessible drain plug, so if you own a Saturn and your mechanic tries to tell you that you need to pay him to use his fancy-schmancy vacuum-line system to flush your transmission fluid, either he is bullshitting you for money or doesn't know anything about Saturns. In either case, find a new mechanic.)

Bad shit: It did not occur to me that a 3/8" torque wrench requires a different set of sockets than the kind that come with an ordinary socket wrench set.

Worse shit: When I checked my bank balance today to make sure I had enough money for new sockets, I noticed a transaction for $31.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond, dated yesterday. As [ profile] enochsmiles and I are not allowed to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond by ourselves anymore, I was suspicious. Further investigation revealed that the BBB in question was in Conroe, TX (!), and that late last night someone had tried to charge a much larger amount at a pharmacy in New York.

Good shit: The NY pharmacy transaction didn't go through (insufficient funds).

Better shit: Not only am I not getting hit with an insufficient-funds charge, my bank immediately and cheerfully cancelled my existing debit card, is FedExing me a shiny new one, and is disputing the BBB charge since they claim they don't see it in their system. I have the most awesome bank in the entire known universe.

Even better shit: Despite not having access to my bank account, I had enough money in the coffee mug we use for change that ended up in the laundry to afford both train fare to the auto parts store and a shiny new set of 3/8" sockets.

Best shit of all: I have now successfully changed my very own transmission fluid and filter. Go team me!

Icky greasy shit: I am covered in transmission fluid. Next time, I need to be more careful about how close my hair gets to the drain pan.

Redemptive shit: I have a date with my shower and a bar of Lava soap. Mm-mm clean.
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[ profile] enochsmiles: No, I'm not going to blog Hello World in Brainfuck. I'll write something new.
[ profile] maradydd: You could do RSA in Brainfuck!
[ profile] enochsmiles: ...Damn you.

(The conversation quickly devolved into a discussion of Brainfuck vs. Brainfuck-C and the difficulty of looking at so many dashes.)

[ profile] maradydd: I was thinking about those sig files that have RSA in four lines of Python.
[ profile] enochsmiles: It'd be a little big for that.
[ profile] maradydd: You could turn it into ASCII art!
[ profile] enochsmiles: Move over, Vipul!


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