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"All disenchantment is to me a malady which ... is to be cured as soon as possible, not to be regarded as a higher form of wisdom. Suppose one man likes strawberries and another does not; in what respect is the latter superior? There is no abstract and impersonal proof that strawberries are good or that they are not good. To the man who likes them they are good, to the man who dislikes them they are not. But the man who likes them has a pleasure which the other does not have; to that extent his life is more enjoyable and he is better adapted to the world in which both must live."

-- Bertrand Russell

"The street finds its own uses for things -- uses the manufacturers never imagined."

-- William Gibson

My Erdös number is 4 by way of David Chaum. I do not have a Bacon number yet.

A brief note to those considering adding me: I am both (1) incredibly overworked and (2) incredibly addicted to LiveJournal. I try to mitigate (2) by keeping my friends list fairly small and primarily constrained to people I have at least met in real life. Feel free to add me, but please be aware that I will probably not add you back unless you've managed to cut through the haze of (1). The easiest way to do that is to say something intriguing; comment threads are a great place for that. So, if I don't add you back, it is 99.999% probably not personal; if you're one of those folks who gets offended if you're not reciprocally added, YHBW.
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