Feb. 17th, 2010

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Last night, [livejournal.com profile] enochsmiles and I threw off some of the lethargy that has been plaguing us for the last several months and made it out to Hackerspace Brussels for their regular Tech Tuesday night. The space has been built out quite a bit more since I was last there, and there were a good few dozen people present -- some of whom I'd met before, many I hadn't, all interesting.

Actually getting there was a challenge, as there is a train strike on; the direct train that goes through Schaarbeek was cancelled, so we caught a train to Brussels North, intending to catch a connecting train, but when we got there we found that all the connecting trains were cancelled too. *facepalm* Fortunately, Schaarbeek turns out to be about a 7-euro cab ride from Brussel-Noord, so that makes things easy (especially for those of you who want to visit but are intimidated by our enormous rail network).

I was also excited to find out that Hackerspace Ghent is well underway and that Hackerspace Antwerp now has a space! I haven't spent much time in either city, but hopefully this will induce me to do some more traveling in the nearish future.


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