Mar. 25th, 2010

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In 1980 I was three years old, living with my mom, dad, and new baby sister [ profile] superbridey in a one-story house in southwest Houston. I had recently learned to read, wanted to be a scientist and an Air Force pilot when I grew up, and attended preschool at St. Francis Episcopal.

In 1990 we had been living in Kingwood for two years, and my other sister [ profile] briaer was five. I had been wearing glasses for seven years and contacts for five, so no Air Force planes for me. I played the piano a lot. I started high school that fall and was probably in the most socially awkward phase of my life so far. I ran on the track team, lettered in forensics/debate, and spent as much time as I could with my school's writing club. I had approximately two friends the entire year.

2000 was a busy, complicated year. I left my ex-husband that January, moved back in with my parents for a couple of months, got a web design job at a computer refurbishing company that turned out to be an extremely underpaid e-commerce development job in disguise, and quit that after a month or so for a year-long technical writing contract at Compaq. I got my first apartment without roommates, bought a car, and had a remarkably successful fiction writing career for the amount of work I put into it. Around July I decided that tech writing and I did not have a future together, got in touch with the linguistics department at the University of Iowa, and got myself into their MA program, though I didn't start until fall 2001. I spent most Thursday and Friday nights at #s and met [ profile] pandorasfox, [ profile] digitalusrex, [ profile] batty, [ profile] michaelodwyer, [ profile] cassandrasimplx, [ profile] xtopher42 and lots of other neat people. (I'd known [ profile] mycroftxxx for a few years already.) I also started this blog.

Here in 2010 I'm living in Belgium and have been married to [ profile] enochsmiles for three years. I write code instead of fiction, have co-authored some respectable if not world-shattering computer security papers, and spend most of my spare time hacking with electronics, software, and/or biology. I am seriously considering taking up playing the bass. My local friends are mostly musicians, university students, other hackers, and people who do fire art. I gave my first-ever invited talk this year, which was pretty awesome.

In 2020 I expect to still be living in Europe, though whether that ends up being Belgium, the Netherlands or somewhere else remains to be seen. I have no idea what I'll be doing; I seem to have a sea-change in my interests about once a decade, and I'm about due for another one.


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